Illuminating Pom - Tarnish Eraser




Product Description
This delicate jewelry polisher is your solution to tarnished jewelry, especially sterling silver. Simply rub the pom on your jewelry to remove tarnish. The Illuminating Pom is a formula-free jewelry polisher that allows you to safely clean and polish all metals and gemstones.

What It Does
The secret to restoring even your most tarnished piece of jewelry. The Illuminating Pom is purposefully designed with two different materials. The bottom material is made of a latex-free, hydrophilic material with an open cell structure that absorbs and traps water, dirt, oil, beauty buildup, and tarnish. The top material and strap material are made of non-absorbent, impermeable material that prevents the transfer of any dirt or oil from your fingers to the pom of your jewelry.

How To Use
The pom and your jewelry must be dry. Place your fingers under the strap of the pom and gently buff desired piece with the soft side of the pom. When rubbed on your jewelry, the pom will remove and absorb tarnish. The pom is extremely soft and gentle, so that it won’t ruin scratch any metal. Use caution with intricate or harsh settings that may rip the soft material.

Jewelry Care Instructions
Safe on all metals and stones, including pearls, opals, emeralds, and turquoise. Cleans your entire collection from fashion to fine jewelry.


Additional Information
-3 Reusable Poms + Jar